We will often tell you how much we love this area we live in, how being surrounded by such diverse and beautiful landscape offers us limitless opportunities in recreation and experience. This close connection to nature uplifts our spirits, expands our imaginations and drives the deep passion that we have for living in Ontario.

The beauty of the Muskoka Region has forever been inspiration for artists and nature lovers alike. Once discovered, the lure of Muskoka is irresistible, making it one of Canada’s most renowned destinations. Artists of all mediums can be found there creating incredible and unique pieces of art. Located in a heritage building, in the lovely town of Huntsville, Ontario you will find not one, but two talented metal smiths turning out beautiful jewellery from a range of materials; they are father and son team, Joseph Reijnen and Michael Reijnen of Muskoka Jewellery Design.

Muskoka Jewellery Design

Joseph was born in Holland where he studied fine metal arts and then immigrated to Canada in the 70s, and located his gallery and design shop in Huntsville, close to Algonquin Park and surrounded by the beauty of Muskoka. Michael too discovered a passion for creative design and working with metals and has been developing his craft for the past decade.

Their work is beautiful, detailed and unique, it was our pleasure to ask them a few questions and learn more about their inspiration and passion for jewellery design. Your next visit to Huntsville must include a stop into their gallery and shop.

Muskoka Jewellery Design
Muskoka Jewellery Design

What do you love about the metals you work with? Which is your favourite?

JR: All the work is performed in our studio/gallery in Huntsville  what i love about working with  metals, but especially silver is the demands you can put on the metal forging, heating and reticulation all add structure to silver.

MR: Yellow gold is my favorite material to work with because of its unique working properties as well as its functionality, durability and of course its warm colour and luster.

Describe the type of person who wears your jewelry. Do you feel that your one-of-a-kind pieces reflect the individual who selects it?

JR: My work is worn by that individual that would like to stand out from the crowds,and would like to make a statement..

MR: I believe the people who purchase my jewellery are those who appreciate a well made, unique piece and I do think they are drawn to the pieces that reflect their style and personality.

Joseph, please tell us what made you want to become a jeweller.

JR: My love of creating and working with my hands made me want to become a silversmith.

What would you say is the most significant development/change in your work over the years? How has your approach, or design changed?

JR: I would have to say, is that  have matured in my work, meaning that I feel comfortable enough with myself to let my designs work with the guidance of my hands, it seems to work for me.

Muskoka Jewellery Design

Michael, please tell us what made you want to become a jeweller?

MR: The opportunity was presented for me to apprentice as a goldsmith and I accepted the opportunity knowing I could embrace my creative side and learn a useful trade. I am inspired by the ability to create pieces that people choose to wear in expression of their individuality or to celebrate and symbolize a special occasion in there lives.

Having witnessed Joseph at work for so many years, and now apprenticing under Joseph, what have you discovered about your own design approach?

MR: Joseph tends to plan his designs out ahead of time and I like to start with an idea and let it develop and change through out the process.

What do you love about being in Huntsville?

JR: What i like about living in Muskoka is the abundance of nature and beauty  that surrounds us year round, makes it a comfortable place to live.

MR: Huntsville provides a beautiful and safe environment to raise my family.


You can find Muskoka Jewellery Design at 68 Main St. E in Huntsville, Ontario.


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