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Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Here are a few ideas that, ok, we would love to get, but would also love to give! As usual, we lean toward Canadian and local made.


Valentines Day 2016 Gift Ideas

1. Tickets to WayHome!! BIG POINTS for this one. Tickets go on sale Feb 16 at 12pm but just let your sweetheart know you are getting them and revel in the reaction. For. The. Win.

2. This. Will make you wish you still had all of your records! The beautiful Record Display I will inspire you to return to vinyl. Designed by Montreal, Quebec furniture designer /maker Kai Takeshima. Don’t forget to pick up his/her favourite album.

3. Effie Pots & Co.  These concrete pots are sleek and beautiful. Your succulents will love them! The makers are out of Midhurst, Ontario. Need to emphasize – concrete!

4. All five of the books on the Canada Reads 2016 shortlist!

5. Love love love this Eucalyptus Sea Clay soap from Wilderness Soap Co. Ingredients include olive oil, coconut oil and dead sea clay and it is delightfully luxurious. And the scent! Beautiful and exhilarating. The Wilderness Soap Co. is located in Collingwood, Ontario and available through their etsy shop. You can also find them at Inhabit Interiors & Design in Barrie.

6. You can keep it simple and just show up with a bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco NV. Hint, just grab this and include it with your gift.



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