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Most great inventions begin as a solution to a problem.

An outdoor and kayaking enthusiast, Scott Gill was looking for a way to take his kayak onto the small, remote lakes found on back country camping trips. Portaging with a kayak is difficult, one option is to use a wheeled cart which can get pretty awkward when pulling it across rocks and tree roots. Once the portage has been completed, the issue becomes where to store the cart for the next leg of paddling. To solve it, he designed a wooden, portable yoke system for his kayak. He used it for a few years before realizing that he had created an incredible system that would change how and where the paddling community could use a kayak.

Introducing KaYoke – A lightweight, compact system to transport a kayak. The KaYoke stores neatly inside the kayak, easily ready for the next leg of portage.

KaYoke, Lightweight compact system to transport a kayak
KaYoke, Lightweight compact system to transport a kayak

His design has been finalized and the prototype has been built.  To move the product forward, Scott has launched a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to have the final mold built and go into production for September 2015. It will be made in Canada using recycled materials and one size will fit all kayaks. Watch the video below to learn more.

We wish Scott all the best for a successful kickstarter campaign, the KaYoke is an incredible system for easing the load when portaging with a kayak.



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