Spring Hiking

Our amazing part of the world boasts incredible landscapes with an abundance of forests, lakes, rivers, wetlands, rolling hills, cliffs, streams, waterfalls, farmland and wildlife habitats. Here you will find vital green spaces, environmentally protected greenbelt lands and Unesco designated biospheres. We are surrounded by vibrant ecosystems and outstanding scenic lookouts.

This incredible varied landscape provides an awesome playground for amazing skiing, camping, swimming, fishing, boating, surfing, hiking, cycling and most other recreational activities we can imagine. You will always hear us say that one of the best reasons for living here is the phenomenal access to nature and outdoor recreation.

Hiking tops our list as one of our favourite outdoor activities. This area is full of amazing trails offering varying levels of experience and challenge for hikers of all ages. From managed forests, city parks, provincial parks and private enterprise to organized nature walks and community events, you can find every kind of hiking experience.

hiking trail sign


Hiking the Bruce Trail

Many trails, like the Nine Mile Portage Heritage Trail, a portage route from Kempenfelt Bay to Fort Willow, have deep historical significance to the growth of the cities and towns throughout this area. Encouraging use of heritage trails leads to an increased understanding of our community history, which positively influences the feeling of sense of place that comes naturally with historical connections. Strengthening connections between people and place leads to a positive community identity. It’s win-win all around.

Hiking in Ontario

The reasons for trail walking and hiking are plentiful; we do it because we love to be surrounded by nature and we want to raise our children with that same appreciation, and at the same time, instill a deep desire to protect the environment. Shouldn’t all children be raised as “nature ambassadors”?

Red Pine Forest

The beauty in nature to be found here is abundant, and happily, it is also full of multi-use trails for our recreational enjoyment. There are a vast number of organizations that are committed to providing unique walking and hiking experiences in this area, as well as continued efforts in trail development and environmental conservation. Each trail you choose offers a unique experience in nature; with so many trails to choose from you can easily fill every season with beautiful hiking.

Here are some great resources to find hiking and walking trails in Simcoe, Muskoka, Grey and Bruce:

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