Thanksgiving Cornucopia

While I’ve been in my studio thinking of Thanksgiving decorating I have been inspired by some photos my daughter has been sending me on yarn bombing. Especially some really cute ones on mushrooms!

Yarn Bombing Mushrooms

Looking at these pictures, they so remind me of the 70’s with their colour palette and their subject matter, mushrooms were big in the 70’s. With this retro vibe going on I then started remembering how we used to decorate our table.  We didn’t have the big box and craft stores we have now. We either made it or visited the local flower shop for a centerpiece. Every flower shop sold wicker cornucopias (aka – horn of plenty) and baskets filled with flowers and fruit at Thanksgiving. Now you rarely find a cornucopia, I usually have to explain to younger people what they are. So, in celebration of retro decorating, yarn bombing and Thanksgiving I give to you this cornucopia.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia
Thanksgiving Cornucopia

I had a fun time sculpting the horn in chicken wire and then wrapping with two different colours of yarn. No worries, knitting skills are not needed! Add in some tuffs of forest moss and fill with amazing orange roses, pin cushion, broom and a little Queen Anne’s Lace. Don’t forget to finish off with a bit of fruit.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia
Thanksgiving Cornucopia
Thanksgiving Cornucopia

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” ~ Thornton Wilder


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. May it truly be filled to the brim with good food, good company and good memories.



Marilyn Ruyter is our Floral Design Writer, an incredible floral designer who can be found in her studio at 19 Melrose.


Photography by Amber Larmant



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